Concrete Polishing Rockingham

Polished Concrete Rockingham

We're the masters of concrete polishing in Rockingham, professionals at taking plain, boring concrete surfaces and turn them into jaw-dropping works of art that'll make your neighbors green with envy. Picture your dull, lifeless concrete floors transformed into glossy, high-gloss beauties that shine like the summer sun. That's what concrete polishing is all about! It's a hands-on process where we grind, hone, and polish your concrete surfaces using specialised tools and techniques. The end result? Floors that'll make you want to kick off your shoes and do a little victory dance.

Using our dust-free Concrete Floor Polishers that are hooked up to our dust extractors, we are able to essentially remove all the toxic dust that spreads from the grinding of the concrete. We use the latest, most high-end commercial concrete polishers and dust extractors to ensure that our concrete polishing contractors can do a perfect, dust-free job for you! When grinding or polishing concrete, the dust from the concrete can be incredibly bad for the health if breathed in, which is why we go to the lengths we do to ensure your dust-free concrete polishing service is just that... Dust Free!

At Wilson's Resurfacing Co, we specialise in projects from small to large, both residential and industrial! No job is too big for us, we have the experience and capabilities to polish even the largest of warehouse floors. With years of experience and thousands of jobs, hiring us means you are hiring the best in the biz and the best in Rockingham!

Our concrete polishing services

Polished Concrete
Mechanical Polishing
Polished Concrete Resurfacing
Polished Concrete Restoration
Polished Concrete Maintenance
Decorative Concrete Polishing
Industrial Concrete Polishing
Residential Concrete Polishing

What is concrete floor polishing?

What exactly is concrete polishing? It's a process that involves refining and enhancing concrete surfaces to achieve glossy concrete floors and a smooth and visually appealing finish. Our skilled craftsmen utilise diamond polishing concrete techniques, which involve the use of diamond-embedded abrasive concrete polishing pads to gradually grind down the surface of the concrete and strip back the old worn out existing layer. This process removes imperfections, such as stains, cracks, and blemishes, while revealing the natural beauty and character of the concrete underneath.

Here are some of the different types of shines we offer for your concrete flooring:

Matte finish

Satin finish

Semi-gloss finish

High-gloss finish

Gloss finish

Concrete polishing process

1. Prep Work - We kick things off by getting your concrete surface ready for its big transformation. We'll roll up our sleeves and grind away any existing coatings, adhesives, or stains. No rough spots or blemishes will stand in our way!

2. Diamond Polishing - Now, here comes the fun part. With our trusty concrete polishing machines and diamond polishing pads, we'll work our magic to refine that surface. It's a multi-step process, with each step getting us closer to that jaw-dropping shine you're dreaming of. We're sticklers for perfection, so we'll make sure your floors are nothing short of flawless.

3. Concrete Sealing & Staining - If you're in the mood for some extra pizzazz, we've got you covered. Our stained concrete polishing service allows us to add vibrant colors and patterns to your polished floors. You want custom designs? Consider it done. And when we're all done with the staining, we'll seal the surface with top-notch polished concrete sealants. That way, your floors stay protected against stains, spills, and everyday wear and tear.

We offer the following types of concrete finishes:

Salt and Pepper Finish (Medium Exposure)
Full Aggregate Exposure (Full Exposure)
Non-exposed Aggregate (No exposure)
Cream Polished Concrete

Benefits of concrete polishing

Durable & Tough

When we're done with your floors, you can bet they'll be ready to take on anything. Polished concrete surfaces are built to last. They can handle heavy foot traffic, impact, and all the challenges of an industrial setting. You won't have to worry about constant maintenance or repairs.

Easy to maintain

We know you're not looking for a high-maintenance relationship. That's why polished concrete is the best! It's a breeze to keep clean. Just a bit of sweeping and a damp mop every now and then, and your floors will stay pristine. And if you ever need a helping hand, we've got your back with our polished concrete maintenance services.

Looks incredible

Let's face it... polished concrete floors simply just look amazing. That high-gloss finish adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. Whether you're aiming for a modern vibe or want to accentuate the rustic charm of your home, we've got the skills to make it happen. We can even work our magic on polished concrete countertops and decorative concrete polishing.

Why choose our polished concrete flooring in Rockingham

With years of experience in the concrete polishing industry, Wilsons Resurfacing Co is your go-to choice for concrete honing Rockingham. Our knowledgeable crew excels in their craft, providing expertise and professionalism from start to finish. We never compromise on quality, using top-notch materials and state-of-the-art equipment for impressive results. Your unique vision matters to us, and we work closely with you to deliver personalised solutions that fit your budget and style. At Wilson's Resurfacing Co., your satisfaction is our top priority, backed by open communication and exceptional customer service. Trust us to bring your vision to life.

Ready to experience the true beauty of polished concrete? Give us a shout and let's schedule a consultation today! Wilson's Resurfacing Co. is your go-to crew for industrial and residential concrete polishing in Rockingham. We'll transform your floors into showstoppers that'll leave a lasting impression. We've got the skills to make it happen.

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