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Best concrete grinding services in Rockingham

As the leaders for concrete grinding in Rockingham, we can make sure that your concrete slab is ready to go for the new installation of flooring or coatings. Our concrete grinding service offers comprehensive solutions to the smoothing and levelling of your concrete floors, with the ability to remove any glue, epoxy coating, paint, stencil concrete, stamped concrete, waterproofing, and any other adhesives or residues. This leaves a clean, even, and smooth concrete surface for you to do as you please. It's like a fresh start to your concrete slab!

If you plan to apply coatings such as flake epoxy, sealers, or any other type of decorative concrete, grinding concrete prior is essential. Our concrete grinding services specialise in removing slight elevations in slabs up to 3mm as well as the cleaning up of slabs for the re-installation of floor coatings and coverings including vinyl, tiles, epoxy, hybrid, decorative concrete etc. Majority of new floor coverings and coatings require a clean smooth slab to be properly adhesive during the application process.

Concrete grinding is also great for refurbishing your concrete flooring! With time, any concrete can develop inconsistences and imperfections that not only make your flooring look bad but create trip hazards in high traffic areas. Our concrete grinding team has vast experience in both residential and commercial concrete floor grinding in Rockingham to come in and smoothen out your flooring using state of the art dust-free concrete grinders. Concrete diamond grinding is perfect to level out slabs and remove uneven and jagged sections.

What can I use concrete Grinding for?

Concrete grinding has many uses for your flooring and slabs. From removal of coatings to the restoration of damaged concrete, our concrete grinding service is useful for it all! Here are some of the uses for concrete grinding in Rockingham:

General floor preparation
Removal of epoxy flooring
Floor levelling
Deglaze ceramic floor tile
Concrete scarifying
Repair rain damaged concrete
Removal of all types of glues and coatings
Slab restoration
Removal of concrete curing compounds
Lower speed bump heights

Why choose our concrete grinding services in Rockingham?

At Wilson's Resurfacing Co, we invest in the best equipment and machinery to ensure the level of service is of the highest quality. Using industry-leading dust-free concrete diamond grinders and state-of-the-art diamond blade technology, we can perform the grinding of concrete virtually dust-free. Concrete grinding can get VERY messy with toxic dust, if not done properly. We use high quality Dust Extraction attachments on our concrete grinders to ensure a dust-free concrete grinding process.

We are highly experienced in all areas of floor preparation in Rockingham, meaning we can strip your floor prior to your concrete grinding, as well as be the ones to apply epoxy coatings, decorative concrete, or other concrete resurfacing options of your choice. We are your one-stop-shop for all things concrete floor restoration and resurfacing!

Our concrete grinding team has the experience to handle all sized jobs, from very large commercial floors to the regular residential ones too. Our service is affordable, reliable, and of the highest quality, which means you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best concrete floor grinding in Rockingham! Give our team a call today for a free quote and consulation.

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