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If you're looking to create the beautiful finish of polished concrete flooring without the additional cost of mechanically polishing the floor, our grind and seal service in Rockingham is the perfect option for you!

Our expert team of concrete grinders and sealers can flawlessly grind and seal your concrete flooring without the hefty cost of actual polished concrete. You'll be blown away at the seamless and modern finish that our grinding and sealing services in Rockingham leaves behind on your concrete flooring.

What is Grind and seal concrete flooring?

Most of the time a custom calls us or enquires about our concrete polishing and sealing services, they refer to all types of glossy and matte concrete as "polished concrete". It's fair enough, as it's common to refer to any concrete that looks glossy as simply "polished concrete". However, there are big differences from polished concrete to grind and seal concrete in the process, duration and the cost.

Grind and seal concrete floors are pretty much exactly what the name implies. Using high quality dust-free concrete grinders, the concrete flooring is ground back to a specific grit level (typically 200 grit to 400 grit) and then sealed with an epoxy topical coating or a polyurethane coating. It doesn't go through the full polishing process, but rather relies on the sealing to create the gloss finish. This sealer can be a matte, semi-gloss or high-gloss finish.

Grind and seal concrete is more affordable to install compared to polished concrete but requires regular maintenance and reseals to keep the finish looking good. Eventually, the concrete sealant will wear off, with a typical life span of anywhere between 3 to 7 years depending on the amount of foot traffic the grind and seal concrete flooring is exposed to.

We offer a large selection of stone colours from earth tones to neutral tones, to colourful concrete dyes as well. Our Rockingham grind and seal concrete process allows for a level of stone exposure which can be customised to your desired aesthetic (no exposure, minimal exposure, or full exposure).

Benefits of a Concrete Grind and Seal Finish for your flooring

  • Non-porous concrete surface - bacteria resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Modern and sleek aesthetic
  • Cost-effective and affordable - not too labour intensive
  • UV resistant outdoor options available
  • Multiple gloss levels available at the same cost

Grind and seal concrete flooring is the more cost-effective option to creating that incredible polished look to your concrete flooring. There are a variety of options to customise to your liking and create a flooring that blends perfectly with your home or business. It's a perfect option for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes.

Why choose our Grind and Seal Services in Rockingham?

Our expert Professional Concrete Grind And Sealing team offers a comprehensive grind and seal concrete flooring service in Rockingham, equipped with the best tools, machinery, and concrete sealants on the market.

You can trust that your concrete floor grind and seal will last for many years to come due to the quality of our service. We are always investing back into our equipment and employees to ensure the standard of work is the best for our customers.

We utilise Dust-Free Concrete Grinders with dust extracting attachments to minimise the spread of toxic dust caused by the grinding of the concrete. It isn't possible to create a 100% dust-free environment, but our state-of-the-art concrete grinding machinery will catch the majority of it. We always clean up after ourselves and leave your house looking better than when we arrived.

If you are looking for a crisp, clean, premium modern look to your concrete flooring without breaking the bank, our grind and seal service in Rockingham is perfect for you. We can handle projects of all sizes, no job is too big or small! Contact our Concrete Grind And Seal Rockingham team today for a free quote and consultation!

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