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Are you looking for professional concrete honing in Rockingham for your home or business? Wilson's Resurfacing Co are the experts for all things honed concrete and polished concrete, providing high quality exposed concrete finishes in Rockingham.

Our experts perform our honed concrete services with strict adherence to professional techniques and industry-standard procedures to ensure our customers get the best results, every single time. If you are looking for the best non-slip concrete finish in Rockingham for your residential or commercial property, then you've come to the right place. We promise you will be amazed at your new honed concrete flooring!

What is concrete honing?

Honed concrete or concrete honing is a procedure where we grind and polish your existing concrete flooring to create an even and smooth matte finish. Our concrete honing experts use specialised concrete diamond grinders to grind back your concrete to the desired exposure of aggregate. Although you can't choose your gloss level, you can choose your aggregate exposure level. We recommend honed concrete for outdoor applications such as pool areas, non-steep driveways, patios, footpaths, garages, carports, and other outdoor areas.

Concrete honing is similar to concrete polishing, however with honed concrete, we apply the protective sealer as the aggregate becomes exposed. In other words, the difference is polished concrete uses much finer grits in the concrete diamond grinders and reveals a high sheen finish. Honed concrete has a matte finish, which is why we recommend it for outdoor areas.

Benefits of Honed Concrete

  • Durable and suitable for outdoor areas
  • Non-slip and safe to walk on when wet
  • Easy to clean
  • Modern and sleek appearance

When deciding between polished concrete or honed concrete, the purpose of application is the number one thing to consider. If you're looking for external non-slip concrete flooring options, the non-slip properties of honed concrete is one of the most profound benefits. This is why honing is best suited for outdoor areas where slip hazards are present. Either way, you'll be left with a beautiful looking, sleek and modern polished concrete flooring that will surely make your neighbours and friends envious!

Why choose our Concrete Honing Services in Rockingham

Wilson's Resurfacing Co has been providing elite levels of honed concrete services in Rockingham for many years now. We have become the experts for all things polished concrete with the expertise to show for it, completing hundreds of concrete honing and other polished concrete jobs for businesses and homes across the Rockingham area.

Our company invests in the right tools, skills, and employees to ensure you get the perfect honed concrete floor for your property. This has allowed us to streamline our concrete floor honing process to be as fast and efficient as possible for our customers. In general, you should expect two to three days for your non-slip honed concrete floors to be good to go!

We are fully insured, follow strict safety standards, and offer free quotes and consultations to our customers. If you choose us, you don't have to worry about the risks of dealing with less experienced concrete mob (damages, poor quality etc.). The standard of quality we deliver is the reason for our success over the years!

For exceptional quality, excellent service, and unmatched results, choose Wilson's Resurfacing Co for all your Honed Concrete Rockingham needs. Give our team a call today!

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