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Our Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Penetrating sealers, also known as impregnating sealers, are innovative solutions designed to permeate deep into the pores of your concrete.

Unlike traditional surface sealers, which create a film on top of the concrete, penetrating sealers work from within, forming a robust molecular bond. This bond creates an invisible barrier that protects your concrete from water, stains, and other contaminants while allowing it to breathe naturally.

Our penetrating sealers act as an invisible shield, reducing water and moisture absorption by up to 95% in your concrete. By preventing water infiltration, they minimise the risk of cracks, efflorescence, freeze-thaw damage, and other forms of deterioration.

These sealers do not alter the appearance or texture of your concrete, making them an excellent choice for preserving the natural beauty of your surfaces.

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Penetrating concrete sealer on a pool surrounds

Benefits of Penetrating Sealers for concrete

Our solvent-based sealers have been carefully formulated to provide outstanding protection and lasting results for your concrete surfaces. By choosing our solvent-based sealers, you can experience a multitude of benefits that make a sealant worth the investment. Here are some of those benefits:

Deep Protection

Penetrating sealers provide unparalleled protection by penetrating up to 4mm into the concrete surface, ensuring long-lasting defense against moisture and contaminants.

Invisible Finish

These sealers do not leave a visible film on the surface, preserving the original texture and appearance of your concrete.

Efflorescence Resistance

With the ability to block water and moisture, penetrating sealers significantly reduce efflorescence formation, preventing the unsightly white, powdery residue on your concrete.

Breathable Barrier

Our penetrating sealers allow your concrete to breathe naturally, preventing trapped moisture and enhancing its overall durability.


Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, penetrating sealers are perfect for a wide range of concrete surfaces, including driveways, sidewalks, and industrial floors.

Penetrating concrete sealer on a driveway

Uses for Penetrating Sealers

Our penetrating sealers are great in various circumstances for your concrete sealing project, providing outstanding protection and preserving the natural appeal of your surfaces. Here are some of the typical applications that are best for penetrating concrete sealants:

  • Driveway Preservation
    Protect and preserve your driveway, ensuring its longevity and resistance to wear and tear caused by vehicular traffic.
  • Sidewalks and Pathways
    Seal sidewalks and pedestrian pathways to prevent water absorption, making them safer and more durable for public use.
  • Pool Decks and Patios
    Preserve pool decks and patios from water damage and salt exposure, keeping them in top-notch condition for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Industrial and Warehouse Floors
    Strengthen industrial floors with our high-performance penetrating sealers, providing resistance to chemicals and heavy machinery traffic.
  • Historical and Decorative Structures
    Protect historical and decorative concrete structures while maintaining their original charm and aesthetics.

Experience the transformative benefits of our impregnating sealers and safeguard your concrete from within.

Contact us today to explore how our penetrating sealers can enhance the longevity and beauty of your concrete flooring. Trust in our expertise to deliver outstanding results for all your concrete sealing and driveway sealing needs.

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