Commercial Epoxy Flooring Rockingham

Commercial Epoxy Floor coatings Rockingham

It may be the fact that our expertise in commercial epoxy flooring makes us a little bit biased, but we believe epoxy truly is the best flooring material for your commercial floors. Whether you are upgrading, renovating, or building new, epoxy is something you should strongly consider for the choice of your floors.

Here at Wilsons Resurfacing Co, we are the leaders in commercial epoxy coatings in Rockingham, installing hundreds of epoxy resin floors to businesses and commercial properties across the Rockingham area for years now. Our team are the best of the best when it comes to commercial epoxy installation.

Epoxy is a highly cost-effective and long-lasting all round flooring solution for most commercial spaces. It's no wonder why so many companies turn to it when upgrading their existing flooring. If you're looking for the best commercial epoxy floor contractors in Rockingham, then you've come to the right place.

Commercial epoxy flooring in a commercial Kitchen in Rockingham

Our Commercial Floor Coating Services

At Wilson's Resurfacing Co., we offer a comprehensive range of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating services tailored to meet the unique needs of various commercial settings. From commercial kitchens to supermarkets, offices, warehouses, real estates, gyms, retail outlets, food courts, manufacturing plants, and storage facilities, epoxy more than likely checks all of your boxes. Here are some of the most common commercial floor coating applications:

  • Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Flooring: Our epoxy coatings are the perfect choice for commercial kitchens. They create a hygienic and durable environment by providing a seamless and non-porous surface that is resistant to mold, bacteria, and germs. This ensures that your kitchen maintains the highest standards of cleanliness while withstanding the demands of a busy culinary workspace.
  • Supermarkets Epoxy Flooring: High-traffic areas like supermarkets require flooring solutions that can stand up to heavy foot traffic and the movement of equipment. Our epoxy floor solutions are designed to do just that, offering resilience and durability that keeps your supermarket looking pristine even in the most demanding conditions.
  • Warehouses and Factories Epoxy Flooring: In industrial settings like warehouses and factories, the longevity of your flooring is paramount. Our anti-corrosive epoxy coatings provide a protective shield for your concrete surfaces, guarding against damage caused by chemicals, spills, and the wear and tear of daily operations. This ensures the longevity of your industrial floors and minimizes the need for costly repairs.

Why is Epoxy So good for your commercial flooring?

Whether you have a commercial space or a high traffic area like a shed or warehouse, epoxy stands out as the ideal choice for your commercial flooring for several compelling reasons. Epoxy will create flooring in your commercial property that is hard-wearing, highly durable, easy to clean, and quite cost-effective.

Businesses are flocking to epoxy like moths to lamp because of its incredible versatility. It can be matched to any colour of the existing design, comes in a wide range of finishes such as metallic epoxy and flake epoxy, and comes with extra non-slip options on top of the already highly slip-reactant material epoxy already is. Some of the biggest benefits that we see our commercial clients raving on about is the following:

  • Highly durable and can withstand heavy machinery
  • Non-slip flooring solution
  • Food safety compliant
  • Available in a wide range of finishes and colours
  • Easy to clean and maintain (save on cleaning costs!)
  • Withstand heavy temperatures
  • Long-lasting and affordable

Applying Epoxy Coatings to your commercial flooring

Our commercial epoxy floor coatings are expertly applied using a two-part chemical liquid resin, resulting in a protective and visually appealing finish. Whether you're planning a new project or seeking to upgrade your existing flooring, our dedicated team of Commercial Epoxy Contractors is here to provide you with tailored solutions. Our experienced team understands the importance of minimising downtime for your business, ensuring a smooth and timely installation and allowing your commercial operations to continue with minimal disruption.

Epoxy flooring cannot be applied to polished concrete or sealed concrete, so the concrete must undergo concrete grinding first if your existing flooring is either of the two. Our team utilises specialized tools and techniques to achieve an even and flawless finish. Whether it's a high-gloss finish for a supermarket or a slip-resistant finish for a commercial kitchen, we have the expertise to meet your specific requirements.

Choosing Wilson's Resurfacing Co. for your commercial epoxy floor coating needs means partnering with professionals who prioritize precision, personalization, and professionalism. We're dedicated to delivering top-quality results that transform your commercial space into a showcase of durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Give our team a call today or contact us through our enquiry form for a FREE QUOTE!

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